Tuesday 19 August 2014

It is about messing around with children:)

It is about messing around with children:) 

Q tip painting 

This is again something we did at some point back, however never got to the web journal. Languid mother! 

1. You will require a development paper, some q-tips, color paint (different colors) 

2. Utilize one q-tip for each one shade, dip and paint. 

Note: this idea of one q-tip for each one shade did not work out for quite a while. May be with more seasoned children yet not with my minimal one. 

A straightforward ring montage 

This was not something I had arranged. I did this with my child, just to keep him involved. Well it met expectations:) 

This was a specialty I accomplished more than a month back. I have not been posting customarily, yet we did keep on doing our little artworks. 

1. You will require development paper(multiple shades), paste, pen. 

2. Attract a loop on to a development paper. Obviously, you could draw any shape or article. However this time, we simply utilized a ring. 

3. Spread out the paste. This is something I helped my child with. He was still not equipped to press the paste out. 

4. Remove little bits from alternate papers you got. 

5. Spread it out on the round. At first we did one by one, yet once my child began getting eager, I simply requested that him spill all the bits on to the paste and flip around the paper so that the outside the loop simply drops out. He reveled in that one better:) 

I am awful at drawing and this is simply an evidence of that. In any case, I did demonstrate my child pictures of dolphin on my portable computer after that ;) 

I dont have orderly pictures. My child is as of now "Polaroid insane" and when he sees the Polaroid he simply quits everything else and gets it from me. As it will be it is exceptionally hard to make him sit in one spot, regardless of the possibility that it is for few minutes. So I would not like to hamper the stream by taking the Polaroid out. 

1. You will require development paper, googly eyes, paste 

2. Draw out the letter D on the dark development paper and remove. 

3. Glue it on to a blue paper. 

4. Remove the blades and tail from the scrap development paper forgot in the wake of cutting the D 

5. Stick them on to the dolphin 

6. Stick the eye. 

I did the vast majority of the sticking for this one however my child did help and he did place the blades and tail and the eyes.


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